Installing TimelinePlus

TimelinePlus is an intentionally lightweight yet full featured package, consisting of just 1 Apex class (plus a test class), 3 lightning web components and 1 custom object. It's installed in the standard Salesforce way - using a link we'll supply to you.

The Installation URL

Salesforce packages are most often installed using a custom URL provided by the vendor, and TimelinePlus is no different. We'll send you a URL which will look like this:

When you receive your package URL from us you'll have 2 ways to install:

For production orgs

If you're logged into your production org you should just be able to click the link and the installation process will start. This can get a little confusing if for example you're logged into multiple Salesforce orgs at the same time, or you're installing in a non-production environment (note the provided link has '' at the start, which shows it's for a production org).

For any org (including production and sandboxes)

A more flexible way to install is to simply log into the org you want to install in, then take the part of the supplied URL after '', and paste it into the URL of the Salesforce instance you're logged into. If you haven't done it before it is easier than it sounds!

For example, if you're logged into a Salesforce sandbox and the URL is:

Then we can take everything after '' from the link we've sent you:


and replace the same part of the URL for the Salesforce instance we're currently logged into, in our example resulting in:

If this is confusing or not working for any reason then please get in touch. Most packages work in this way so it can be helpful to understand how this works for installing other apps too.

Installation Options

Once you've started the installation process you'll arrive at the installation page (some details may differ slightly depending on which version you're installing):

Choose the option you prefer, click install and TimnelinePlus will be installed in your org. It won't be available to users yet though - you'll need to make the straightforward changes described in the setup page to start using the component.