Add filters to your activity timeline

An extended timeline component with highly customizable filters. Include other objects in your timelines. Simple drag and drop setup.

TimelinePlus is available on the AppExchange

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Per user pricing

$5 /month

  • Price per user
  • Minimum 10 licenses
  • Unlimited tasks and events
  • Unlimited list views
  • Unlimited filters
  • Email support


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  • Price per production org
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Unlimited tasks and events
  • Unlimited list views
  • Unlimited filters
  • Email and phone support

Add filters to your timeline

  • Create filters based on all activity fields, including custom fields.
  • Picklist fields show as picklists, checkbox fields show as checkboxes.
  • Filter on record types.

Adding filtered List Views is as easy as elsewhere in Salesforce. You can filter on any standard or custom fields, including record types, and can select values from picklists where available.

Custom data

Show data from different objects

  • Show data from other standard or custom objects.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Transparent to your users - they just see additional data in their timeline.

Easily add additional object data to your timeline, for example you could show Cases or Opportunities, or data from a custom Task or Activity object. Filters can be applied to these other objects as well as Tasks and Events for maximum flexibility.


Setup in 2 minutes

  • Install using the standard Salesforce package installation process.
  • Drag and drop the component onto your page.
  • No special skills required to install or setup.

Simply install the managed package and drag and drop the custom component onto your lightning page - it couldn't be easier but we're here to support you if you need us.

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