TimelinePlus Quick Start

Get up and running with TimelinePlus

This is a quick overview of installation, setup and usage. More details and with pictures and walkthroughs can be found through the rest of the documentation.


Install TimelinePlus through the AppExchange:

Users need access to the Apex class TimelineController. You can either 'Install for All Users', assign this class to relevant profiles or use the permission set 'TimelinePlus Users' to assign to specific users; users must have access to this class to use TimelinePlus.



Simply drag and drop the TimelinePlus component onto a detail Lightning page. Whichever record is being viewed by the user will be used to find and display activities in TimelinePlus.


Filtering your data

Click the Settings menu () and choose New. Enter a name in the popup and your list view is created.

Select your list view from the picklist, click the Setting menu again and click 'Edit List Filters'. Add filter criteria by clicking 'Add Filter Criteria', click the box which appears and select your Field, Operator and Value. You can add multiple Filter Criteria, they will be ANDed together. You can also select which objects should appear in your list view by unchecking the checkboxes next to Task or Event.


Date filter options

You can use Salesforce Date Literals if you select to filter on a Date field, for example you can enter TODAY, LAST_90_DAYS, THIS_QUARTER etc. Salesforce documentation is here:

Add an additional object to your timeline

You can optionally add an additional object to your timeline, for example you could add Cases which would appear alongside your Tasks and Events. Click 'Advanced Settings' in the settings menu, then the 'Additional Object' tab. Enter values for all the fields and data for the selected object will appear in your timeline.


Control TimelinePlus user permissions

Certain functions can be restricted to particular users in TimelinePlus by modifying values in the 'TimelinePlus Settings' custom settings.

  • Enable Error Message: This will show an error message under the filter picklist if the filter fails, this will typically be for invalid filter criteria but the message should give more detail. You may want to restrict this just to administrators.
  • Cannot Edit Filters: By default all users can edit filters, but selecting this value for specific profiles prevents users with those profiles from editing filters - all list views will be read only.
  • Enable Advanced Settings: By default only administrators can update advanced settings (adding an additional object to a list view, and making a list view read only). Select this option to enable this feature for other users.

Additional Filter Criteria Options

TimelinePlus lets you filter on custom fields, so you can create custom formula fields and create filter criteria based on your new formula field.